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Originally a Brooklynite, I lived in Bangkok for 12 years where I worked as a TV correspondent, copywriter, and university lecturer in media studies/journalism, and now I reside in Washington, D.C.


(That's me holding up one of the two stars of the film, Sopha Nem, in the photo).

My first feature-length documentary film, “Cirque du Cambodia, released in 2020, has gone on to win a number of awards. If you are interested in a private screening, or hiring me for other filming or editing work, please get in touch at joelgershon at gmail. I'm happy to provide a resume on request.

I'm now working on my second feature-length film, which is about college admission, and is entitled, "College Material." To learn more about it, click here.

Joel in Shenandoah 2.jpg
Joel and Delmar filming Konshens.HEIC
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